"Excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of a habit."

- W. Somerset Maugham

Most recent event work has been as Production Designer for little divas. Most prominent was Cool Comedy, Hot Cuisine in 2002 at the Beverly Wilshire. A fundraiser for Scleroderma Research foundation, this was the first year that the annual event was taking place following the death of its Chairman.

Created concept to use live butterflies in centerpieces to evoke the foundation's idea of “re-birth” elicited several jokes from guest Lily Tomlin – and Robin Williams, who also quipped about the backdrop of ethereal graphics in giant gilded frames that it was “from the Anna Nicole collection.”

Early event work began in 1990 with Labor Day LA, a local fundraising organization which produced themed parties over each Labor Day weekend. First year, served as Production Designer for a mansion party themed SS Bel-Air.

Created giant smoke stacks on the roof spewing smoke, a gangway up the driveway past a sea of blue an green balloons on the lawn and porthole windows.

The next year, headed the Creative Committee and helped select the Treetops Pavilion at the LA Zoo for a dance party dubbed Caged Heat.

The beverage bars and food stations were all decorated in African, South American and Asian motifs and exotic dancers were featured in suspended cages above the dance floor. Guests and volunteer staff donned costumes evocative of animals, Tarzan, safari etc.

Appointed Co-Chairman in the following year for a party which became Rennaisance Faire after my selection of a the venue - a two acre castle-like estate above Sunset Blvd. owned at the time by the notorious palimony attorney, Marvin Mitchellson (and subsequently by Johnny Depp).

Procured hundreds of volunteers, including an Andalusian horse organization, which provided a jousting tournament on a lower lawn (in lieu of casino games), and Renaissance Faire players who provided general atmosphere.

Suits of armor, banners and pavilion tents adorned the property, which also featured a tented entertainment area, which was cleared later for dancing.

Barbecue chicken was provided, along with fully stocked bars sponsored by major liquor companies, to a record breaking 2000 guests – who were all shuttled from parking at the Pacific Design Center.

From 1990 - 2000, handled the design and installation of the VIP and Press Rooms for the annual Soul Train Music Awards at the Shrine Auditorium, including audio-video, staging, catering, graphics and decor.

In 1993 (the night of the Northridge earthquake),also performed this role for the CableACE Awards at the Pantages Theatre.

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