"A refusal of praise is a desire to be praised twice."

- Francois De La Rochefoucauld

City of Angels - Colony Studio Theatre
"Indeed, the show’s most daunting challenges - to approximate and send up cinematic language in the tiny theatre space - are met stunningly well, with…Richard D. Bluhm’s resourceful set providing more storytelling savvy and wit than Gelbart’s book.” - Back Stage West

King of Hearts - Colony Studio Theatre
“Technically the show is superb, with…Richard D. Bluhm’s evocative, impressionist set…” - Los Angeles Reader

Working - Colony Studio Theatre
“Scenic Design by Richard D. Bluhm is flawless in its creative and versatile functions and applications of levels, planes and entrances…” - Drama-Logue

“… the technical aspects of the production are flawless. The impressive set by Richard D. Bluhm more than satisfies the considerable demands of the show, and becomes an integrated form that makes it a work of art on its own.” - L. A. Village View

17 Days - Colony Studio Theatre
" Richard D. Bluhm’s two story set fills the stage with the luscious detail of a modest house, indoors and out - an impressive undertaking.” - Variety

“… production is aided considerably by a stunning set by Richard D. Bluhm.”
- Los Angeles Reader

Shivaree - Beverly Hills’ Theatre 40
“ Best of all, Richard D. Bluhm’s apartment setting with its lovely deep blue, star sprinkled horizon.” - Los Angeles Magazine

“… if ever there was a case of a designer being truer to a play’s spirit than the playwright, this is it.” - Variety

At This Evening’s Performance - Beverly Hills’ Theatre 40
“ the best realized aspect of this production is Richard D. Bluhm’s dilapidated dressing room set.” - Los Angeles Times