"Television is simply automated daydreaming."

- Lee Lovinger

Designed sets and managed art departments for 700+ episodes in over 20 television programs in a variety of genres. Also designed On-Air Promos for various programs.

Most prominent was as Production Designer for the 1992 short-lived Fox detective drama Likely Suspects with veteran actor Sam McMurray as Lt. Marshak and guest stars including Corbin Bernsen and Lorraine Newmann. Regular sets on the soundstage included the precinct bullpen and Marshak’s mission style apartment. Each weekly episode had several location sets to be dressed, including a beach volleyball tournament and a psychic convention, as well as several soundstage swing sets for various interiors.

Art Direction for the game show Fun House involved the creation and seasonal re-invention of the main set, including making it over for the post Monday Night Football spin-off, College Mad House, and Fun House Fitness videos with Jane Fonda. Inspired by Nickelodeon’s slime-fest, Double Dare, each episode involved scoring points through new front games and races – four each per episode with six episodes shot per day, three days per week – and a run through the massive end-game set. I was awarded the Emmy for Outstanding Art Direction in 1989 and nominated again in 1990 for this show, as well as a nomination for Supermarket Sweep in 1992.

Extensive talk show work, including Soap Talk, Leeza and Marilu involved the decoration and constant massaging of the main set as well as providing props and set dressing for special themes and segments.

As Production Designer for the PBS children’s show, Reading Rainbow, provided wrap-around home sets for host LeVar Burton, which varied depending on the book being featured. Most challenging were blue-screen special effects shots depicting LeVar’s dreams of being shrunk to a height of 6” and recreation of a 1950’s home and school for a flashback to LeVar’s childhood.

Also on PBS, Lamb Chop’s Play Along involved shooting master shots with Shari Lewis and pals in a backyard location complete with a kid-sized barn, tree and rock formation, all fabricated to house the needs of puppeteers. The location was then reproduced with backings and the major elements on a sound stage in Vancouver, BC for close-up shots.

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